TelRad Service

For Vintage Stereo repair
Professional Technical Services :

Vintage restoration is a time consuming project. They almost always involve extensive labor and research.

Units 1960's and older, often must have slight design changes to ensure our clients safety.
It is not uncommon for most if not all capacitors to require replacement, dangerous selenium rectifiers must be replaced with diodes as well as resistors that are out of tolerance.

Most turntables and tape decks require all rubber belts and idlers to be replaced, these often must be custom made. Many older turntable idlers must be shipped out for reconstruction, the minimum fee is $80 per idler with a 4-7 week turnaround.

Telrad Service has restored audio gear dating back as far as 1930's. The most common items for repair is gear from the 60's and 70's. Teac, Kenwood, Sota, Dual, The Fisher, McIntosh, Dynaco to name a few.
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